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There is no reason to live with back pain. Thousands of people just like you have relieved their pain with this simple and effective home therapy product. You can even place your order for Spine-Worx™ by contacting US Therapy, Inc., from this Web site. For more information, call (901) 876-3015.




 Spine-Worx is a Natural Spinal Alignment System

When it comes to correcting back problems, it sometimes boils down to how well you do prescribed exercises. Using Spine-Worx™, US Therapy, Inc., illustrates and explains how to realign your spine and relieve back pain.

First position for Spine-worx

First, place your Spine-Worx™ on a firm, level surface. A small pillow placed as shown will increase comfort. Carefully sit with your back toward the end with the highest rails as pictured beside.

Second position for Spine-worx

With your arms and elbows behind you for support, gently lower yourself onto the Spine-Worx™ with your vertebrae centered between the rails and gradually lie down. Relax. Allow several minutes for your back to conform to the natural shape of the Spine-Worx™.

Third position for Spine-worx

After a few minutes, you may feel you need more or less pressure in a particular area. You can adjust the pressure in different areas by changing the positions of your arms or legs. Try placing your arms on your stomach, chest, or above your head. Your legs can be spread apart, or tucked.

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